sábado, 9 de maio de 2015

Prayer for Cause.

Make a prayer that in a week anger feel the result!
My God and My father that These in Heaven In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask This Prayer I come you ask now because I am determined in my faith. AND thou O God established limits. No disappointments, no more pain, no more suffering I have arrived at the point where I am at my limit AND for this reason I ask you Mr. Performs the thy decree on my life, doing Justice, because I know that the Lord has many plans for me, because the Lord does everything with respect.
My God I know that everything that the Lord makes remains for ever, and that is why I am asking you adds your blessings on me and nobody hijack takes what is my. Blessed be God that I am able to receive as an Inheritance what already prepared before the foundation of the World . you can speak words of wisdom and know thy mysteries for thy glory. Disk prayers 30871516 Click on video

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