sábado, 9 de maio de 2015

Prayer for the protection of God for your life

Pray with me
My God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask this prayer, I hope that is acceptable in the sight of thine eyes, and come as a sweet Aroma, I know that the Lord is love and by his love for human being, I want to ask blesses my family. Thou art the strength of thy people, es unica salvation.
I hope to have good results in the work that I have done, and with your help I will not make any mistake. thou art the warranty of my success, I trust in thy mighty acts, certainly has been good for your son and held firm to thy word that thou hast spoken comigo.teu love is great, and thou art faithful, I will be justified and I am always with this peace that you put in my heart. all words of faith that I speak will sprout in the land.
And will the right time that I will reap the results. and will be as a present. anywhere that I want to I pray thee to prepare for everything to be all right. confirm my steps. I would like to thank , which when passed through moments of great anxiety, which dominated the intimate of my life, you came at the right time and rescued my soul, gave me comfort with your words of love, he reassured me, I want to recognize all that physes you Lord, I rejoice every time I aid.

Prayer for Marriage
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