sábado, 9 de maio de 2015

Prayer to make important decisions in your life

Pray with me
Lord My God I am here, I am your son,I have a guideline on what should I do as must be my behavior in the midst of several situations in which I live, now is the time in which most need your guidance, your advice are important. I have great dreams. Your word says he who is wise wins the city of the mighty, I ask that I may be a man victorious and successful in all my goals that I have in my mind.
Continue increasing my joy, gives me present and dadivas and that my faith will continue to be strengthened. increase my strength giving health and tranquillity. your science is able to impress any one, because everything you do is perfect, I trust in the Lord that gives many virtues. the Holy Spirit will give many information, by thy word I will be warned and not cometerei errors.

Teach me to do the right thing, I want to act with wisdom and prudence, increase my understanding of thy mystery, I'm not me away from your presence, and I will give you more value for your advice than the bread of each day. listen to his voice is more precious than everything. your words are sweeter than honey. for this reason I am asking you to guide me in all important decisions of my life. I ask you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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