sábado, 9 de maio de 2015

Requests for prayer

Prayer to obtain employment
Do this prayer My God and my Father who is in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ I ask this prayer asking thy favor, needing your help I know that the Lord has done everything to please the human being. the Lord has moved heaven by thy great power, and not ha nothing difficult for the Lord, you can do infinitely more than I am thinking or am I asking.
And I pray that the Lord will work in my life, for my colleagues and neighbors and family to look at me see the miracle and the great changes that the Lord has done in my life they me summer full of thy blessings and will glorify your holy name. Mr tu ruleth over all the kingdoms of this world and for this reason I pray thee move papers and documents so that I can have the opportunity to study and work, come up to me. God in thy hand ha power and strength
Stretch forth thy right hand on my head to be strengthened and feel happy with the work that I will do, that I may be prospero financially. is what I beseech thee in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. amen Disk Prayers click this video

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